Here’s one for the ages, NBA states that adding .9 seconds to the clock was correct move. Al Horford fouls Jimmy Butler with 3.0 seconds remaining on the game clock.

NBA last two minute report released today - https://official.nba.com/l2m/L2MReport.html?gameId=0042200306

The problem with that is that there is video evidence that the foul occurs between the 2.8-2.7 mark, since the clock doesn’t fraction further than a tenth of a second you can round it up to 2.8.

I posted about this yesterday - https://twitter.com/johnhollinger/status/1662668821990371328/photo/1

What’s most insidious about this is that the call to add the excessive time back was made by the replay center not the refs officiating the game. So, to have them be the ones to determine if it was the right call is hog wash. NBA - “Oops, me make a mistake, no didn’t happen. Please don’t look at any video.”

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Just one last comment about the buzzer beater. Strus did exactly what he was instructed to do. No way any responsibility for the tip-in falls on him. He did his job, helping keep the ball away from Tatum. Noone could have gotten back to White from that position.

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The way I look at it, Miami played terribly in Game 6 and deserved to lose. Somehow, because they never quit, they squeezed out a one point lead at the very end and almost stole the game. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. But that is behind us now.

It now comes down to one game and the Heat still has an opportunity to steal the game and in the process, steal the series, against what everyone agrees is a much better team...on paper. For a team that was supposed to get swept by the best team in the NBA in 2023 (Milwaukee) in the first round to now be playing in it's 18th game, that is far more than any of us could have imagined or expected.

Unlike some of you, I haven't given up on them. I'm still behind the team 100%. There will be plenty of time to critique the coach and players after the season is over. However, FYI, it ain't over yet.


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Really, really hoping they get it done in Boston. It will be years maybe decades to get over the disappointment if ever. But one more chance. One win. It may be easier to accept if Heat didn't have that 3-0 lead. These things happens just sad to see it happening with our team. Still a chance to shake it off with a win in game 7. Go Heat!!

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any off-season recommendations?

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My Final comments: I have gotten far ahead of myself. Looking back, my expectations for this team has been exceeded. I remember when they were 2-1 up against the Bucks, I said I felt spoilt by the Heat. With their win over the Knicks, I said Heat keep spoiling me and remember the sentiment being shared by others too. This is what happens to a spoilt brat. Your unexpected success soon turns to a ' righteous' expectation beyond the imaginable. Soon water finds its level. Heat you did spoil me this far, so thank you !

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Spo, please I have one request from you. Please, do not play HH in game 7. Continue your ride with Zeller. If you play HH in game 7 that you are mostly like to loose, you are only trying to redeem yourself by saying what difference did he make. You had 6 opportunities with better odds to win with him you refused to play him . So continue your ride without him, please, please, please. Let us see you win the all important game 7 without HH and it is justifiably so been the zen coach you are. He should not be your slaughter ram at this midnight hour.

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Optimism is rooting for your team when the odds massively stack against you and it is over whelming difficult to do so. I will draw from Caleb Martin's positive energy to play hard each game. He may be the reason I watch the game tomorrow. I do not expect him to carry the team on his back. That is an unrealistic expectation. But his steadfast commitment to playing the game HARD, has been my joy in the 3 losses.

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With the officiating last night, I am seriously torn betwixt and between keeping my subscription at NBA league pass or canceling it. Folks, please advise.

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May 28Liked by Hot Hot Hoops

Absolute gut wrenching loss.

Losses don't come anymore gut wrenching than that.

Up 1 with 3 seconds left in the game to secure one stop for the opportunity to advance to the nba finals.

And the most gut wrenching way to lose a game happened.

A tip in on an offensive rebound with 0.1 seconds left on the clock after just forcing a missed shot.

And the worst part is that if you watch the slow motion replay of the Al Horford foul on Butler that gave the Heat the lead you will see that Horford fouled Jimmy with exactly 2.8 seconds left on the game clock.

The extra 0.2 seconds the referees awarded the Celtics were the difference in the game.

It gave White just enough time to run from out of bounds after inbounding the ball to tip in a missed shot by Marcus Smart.

Also watching the replay in slow motion you will see that the ball is just now leaving White's finger tips with 0.1 seconds left on the clock.

Even though the Heat would be in the finals right now had the refs awarded the correct time, it should never have came down to that in the first place.

If Jimmy had just had one good game instead of basically 3 bad games in a row, that game and probably the season would not have come down to 3 seconds left on the clock.

Bam also deserves some blame for coming up short offensively once again in another huge playoff game in another huge playoff series after falling short in the same manner last postseason.

Spo also deserves some blame here for abandoning Highsmith as an option in this series and especially in game 6 after watching him play 36 mins the game before and seeing him shoot 3-4 from 3 and scoring 15 points with an 83 TS%.

And it was not just one hot shooting game for Highsmith either because he came into game 5 with a 77 TS% for the series and that is after shooting 67% in the series against the knicks.

Not displaying any trust in a 6'7 player who is currently shooting lights out from 3 point range and is one of your very best defenders is perplexing.

Especially being short-handed after having lost Herro and Oladipo to injury earlier in the playoffs.

However, most of the blame has to be assigned to Jimmy for being a complete no-show for basically 3 straight games.

Turning it on in the last 4 mins of game 6 does not absolve him of the previous 140 mins he played like crap.

All the credit in the world due to him for being the main reason why the heat are here in the first place after no one picked them to even win 2 games against the Milwaukee Bucks.

However, when you've reached this point, up 3-0 with only one game needed to advance to the nba finals to get a shot at that elusive Larry O'Brien trophy.

Your best player can't be on the back of a milk carton for 3 straight games.

You're the team's best player, their superstar.

You're the one everyone is counting on.

You're playoff Jimmy.

Playoff Jimmy can't disappear for 140 out of a 144 mins against the team most people pick to win the nba championship.

However, it's not the end of their season, Jimmy and Bam and the Heat still have one more shot to make amends.

Game 7 will once again come down to Jimmy and Bam vs Tatum and Brown.

Which 2 stars plays better for their teams will most likely win the game.

It has been that way in every game played so far and game 7 will likely be no different.

And absolutely NO ONE is picking them to win this game.

Celtics came into game 7 last postseason and handed the Heat a loss on their home floor to advance to the nba finals.

The Heat watched them celebrate on their home floor.

Fate has given the Heat an opportunity to return the favor.

A shot at redemption.

Go Heat!

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Read through all posts and replies. Some make sense, some have valid points (for or against). Others simply have no place here; you’re not a Heat fan. The rest know who you are, even if you don’t.

As for the game, there were several things questionable, some outright wrong. From coaching, to players demeanor, to officiating. Two that really naw at me are, 1) the mysterious time added to the game clock, John Hollinger gives clear evidence on Twitter that Horford fouled Jimmy Butler with somewhere between 2.8 and 2.7 seconds left. Means no time left for White’s rebound and shot, much less basket.


2) Why in the world with Jaylen Brown having 4 fouls for most of the second half did no one attack him. Be it by Spoelstra’s directive or individual player initiative, why didn’t anyone exploit that weakness? Either they get a semi-uncontested basket because Brown doesn’t want another foul, or Brown gets his 5th foul and weakens the Celtics by subtraction of his athleticism and scoring ability from the floor. Believe me, I learned Spoelstra can’t hear me no matter how hard I yell at the TV.

Just my 2 cents.

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Spoelstra ex Blazer ball boy. Daddy Jon was executive with the team and eventually helped get Eric in the door of the league as video coordinator and he worked his way up to head coach. Yes he's won a couple of titles as head coach. Consensus is he is this great coach, look at the teams he had that he won with. Lebron, Bosh, Wade. Shaq, Wade. He straight up cost them the game last night. If he puts in a big to defend the inbounds pass no way anybody gets a clean look at the basket and Miami is moving on.

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Some observations after a day:

-team seems a bit nervous... it shows in missing free throws and unusual plays

-somebody made a homework.. celts players learned to not jump on pump fakes.

-both Bam and Jimmy were defended at all cost...

-thats why our support cast thrives and those two dont.

-Lowry is done.. or he can pull one another big game... we will know tomorrow.

Overall, its hard to imagine, how to win game 7 in Boston.... you cant expect more from Vincent, Martin, Dunc, Strus... and Bam and Jimmy seems to be limited permanently..... so its on Lowry or Highsmith to bring some boost here.... With Oladipo and Herro we would have more options.

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May 28·edited May 28

Them refs gave that game to Boston smh I just seen the last play again, when butler got fouled it was 2.1 seconds left, but yet they changed the clocked to 3 seconds... the fix was in

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what was spo thinking not having a guy on the inbounds passer.maKE it tough to get that pass in bring in a tall guy jumping up and down to make pass more difficult.spos last 3 seconds were terrible coaching and use of players.

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It's remarkable to me that so many fans (of all teams) seem convinced that they know better than the FO and coaching staff (of all teams). I often wonder why those fans aren't working in the NBA.

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