We enjoyed our best game of the year.We did it at the right time.I only hope and pray that we can get hot for the rest of this years playoffs.

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So what is better? Being Dr. Jeckyll or Mr. Hyde? One is a monster...when Heat goes off they're a monster. So...

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Terrific win for the Heat but the lost of Herro for the rest of the playoffs is going to seriously hurt their chances of making this a real series.

Herro's the second offensive option on this team after Jimmy imo because I don't really see Bam as a scorer due to his limited offensive arsenal.

Bam is the better all-around player but imo Herro is the better scorer.

Just like last season's ECF against the Celtics I think the Heat will have a lot of trouble generating points from here on out.

I'm of the opinion that the Heat would've beaten the Celtics hadn't Herro not gotten injured in that series and I think that they would've had a really good shot of putting a real scare into the Bucks and making this a tough 7 game series (even with a healthy Giannis) had he not fractured his hand in game one.

Now this team will be hard pressed to win one more game especially if Giannis plays and is anywhere close to his usual MVP self.

Hopefully now, Spo will let Oladipo out of his doghouse and give him the green light to be aggressive looking for his shot.

To be honest, I don't think Dipo deserved to be in Spo's doghouse in the first place.

Yes he tries to be a bit too fancy with his passing sometimes and is a bit turnover prone but according to plus-minus metrics he was giving the team positive mins whenever he was on the court and was actually just starting to find his confidence from 3, shooting lights out from there for about a 5 game stretch just before getting benched.

I would like to think that a confident Dipo is an asset not a liability.

I also would like to say that Jimmy trolling the Bucks on instagram after just one game was irresponsible and stupid.

He actually thinks the Bucks are scared of the Heat?

The Bucks are a recent champion and are an nba juggernaut.

They've lost countless game ones and still managed to run over teams in less than 7 games.

That silly trolling is just added motivation for them.

Why would you want to give such a team more motivation than they already have, especially now with Herro out for the rest of the playoffs.

SMH, love Jimmy but that was unnecessary, this underrated heat team doesn't need that from it's leader.

He just need to continue to let his play do the talking and leave that type of stuff for at least after the series is over.

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Apr 18·edited Apr 18

Let's give a shout out to Kevin Love also. He had a very good game. I think he should play more and alongside Bam.

He rebounds very well and has veteran savvy to draw charges and he fits well.

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Heat played like that maybe 5 times this season. Hard to expect to do the same 3 more times out of next 6 games. But again, big changes after this season are neccessary, no matter the result in this series.

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