Miami receives: Lillard and Nurkic

Toronto receives: Herro and Martin

Portland receives: Lowry, OG Anounoby (SF), Chris Boucher (PF) plus picks (# and from whom TBD)

Miami projected +8 games

Toronto projected +3 games

Portland projected -11 games (tank city and high draft pick in 2024)

Heat Starters: Lillard, Richardson, Butler, Bam, Nurkic

Reserves: Jaquez, Jovic, DRobinson, Love, ORobinson, Bryant, Highsmith, Cain, Smith, 1 veteran (e.g., Dragic, Warren, Ross, Nunn, ?).

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I can see Dame playing in Toronto but that is besides the point. I think that the un-named Eastern team is negotiating with Portland in a 3 team swap that includes the Heat.

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Meanwhile...Miami getting mentioned again abt statements Giannis made on being a contender. We're going to be villains again. Bring it on!

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So, if Portland decides to continue to drag their feet on the potential trade, here’s what could happen in a best case scenario:

Herro comes in with a chip on his shoulder and continues to improve on his solid first few years.

Jovic proves that what he did well in the World Cup can translate to the NBA.

Jaquez works hard to get some rotation minutes when others are out, in foul trouble, or resting.

Bryant and O Robinson prove to be solid backup centers and spot starters.

Love comes into camp in top shape.

Cain plays well and is converted to a regular contract.

Duncan continues to show the improvement he exhibited in the playoffs.

Ditto for Martin.

Lowry stays healthy and efficient as backup pg.

Hayward and Richardson contribute as needed

Bam develops a 3 point shot (okay, just kidding).

And, if half of these things happen, the Heat will be on a roll and will no longer need the services of the $200 million man

In the meantime, if Lillard gets hurt, and I hope he doesn’t, Portland is totally screwed due to the pennywise, pound foolish approach they’ve taken.

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There is only one or two teams in the East that makes any sense in terms of being a playoff squad and having assets to pull it off.

Boston top assets are Robert Williams and Brogdon who is basically untradable with his being unable to pass a physical. So it would just be draft picks essentially.

76ers could trade disgruntled for disgruntled, but does that make sense? They do have Maxey, but if they aren't in on Herro, would they be in on Maxey, who's contract is going to make Herro's look affordable soon?

Bucks - no draft capital, would Portland really be all that interested in Middleton or Jrue?

Cavaliers - They have no draft capital, and are they going to sell off Garland to being in Dame?

Knicks - They have the draft capital to trade - but does a team starting Jalen Brunson with no defense and size really want a back-court of Brunson and Dame. I'd put this at a unlikely, but more likely than the previous teams.

Nets - Are the only team I think could really think making a move for Dame makes sense, that said other than draft capital, do they have the pieces to make it happen? If you are trading for Dame, you can't include Bridges. Camron Johnson is the oldest young player in the league. He's 27. So it's more likely picks plus Camron Thomas, Day'Ron Sharpe, etc.

All in all, much like all previous reports, this one smells fishy. Miami doesn't have an elite prospect to trade, but the teams that do, aren't in the hunt for a title. Only thing I think that's been accurately report is that Dame wants out of Portland and his preference in Miami, pretty much every report since then, has been a click bait, hot take, whatever. Just not a lot of teams on the cusp of a title with an elite young player, draft capital and contracts to match.

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Yeah I don't buy it. I don't think there is a 2nd team chasing Dame, its a bluff to try to get Miami to go all in with their offer. I think this happens before training camp. My Grades:

A++++ Herro, Duncan or Lowry, 2 firsts, a swap

A+++ Herro, Duncan or Lowry, 2 firsts, a swap, 1 or 2 of Jovic, HH, Jaime

A++ Herro, Caleb, 2 firsts, a swap

A+ Herro, Caleb, 2 firsts, a swap, 1 or 2 of Jovic, HH, Jaime

A Herro, Caleb, 2 firsts, a swap, Jovic, HH, Jaime

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OKC has enough players and picks to acquire Dame and another very good starter.

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I think from the Blazers perspective, the most obvious trade candidate is Toronto. Probably OG and Precious and maybe a pick or two. It's not necessarily a 'better' offer than what the Heat have, but it is a better fit for the Blazers. I've also heard a bunch of people making noise about Brooklyn, because they have a pile of picks, but I don't think that makes sense for the Nets.

The Celtics and Bucks don't have anything valuable to offer a rebuilding team. If Dame ends up on the Raptors or Nets or Knicks, those teams still can't beat the Heat. If I'm the Heat, the only team I'm worried about is the Sixers. They don't have much to offer either, but Morey could jedi-mind trick Cronin into believing that Maxey has some sort of extra value, and I think a team of Dame and Embiid would be legitimately dangerous.

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I wouldn't rule those teams out at all given the Heat package. How players like OG Anouby be bad for the Blazers compared to Robinson, Lowry or Herro beats me. These other east teams might be more attractive than you initially think, there's no guarantee on how long Jimmy is going to last given his age and intensity. Portland should hold out until January to February just like the Sun's with Durant.

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Hope Lillard goes to a west team hehe. But imo Toronto or Chicago is a good destination in the east for him. Blazers management is more keen on "managing" their Dame dilemma than planning for their future. Or the lack of it lol. Sorry Port fans. Your FOs actions speaks more than what they say. And I'm going to say this again, with or without Dame, Miami Heat will be fine.

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Report says Charlotte Hornets is the likely destination for Herro to pair with LaMelo.

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