PG: Lowry, Smith

SG: Herro, Richardson, DRobinson

SF: Butler, Jaquez, Cain,

PF: Martin, Love, Jovic, Highsmith

C: Bam, ORobinson, Bryant

*Likely to be included in Lillard trade: Martin, Jaquez, Jovic, ORobinson, Herro (to be traded to third team such as Brooklyn), plus 2 first round picks and player(s) and pick(s) from third team.


PG: Lillard, Dru, ?

SG: Richardson, DRobinson, ?

SF: Butler, Cain, ?

PF: Love, Highsmith, ?

C: Bam, Bryant, ?

Assuming Riley can ultimately work out a deal with Portland, possibly giving up Herro, Martin, Jaquez, Jovic, ORobinson, and 2-3 draft picks sounds like mortgaging the Heat's future for one player. I, for one, don't think it is worth it. I would prefer to keep our young players and draft picks and explore other options. Personally, I think Jovic, Jaquez and ORobinson have potential to be very good rotation players. With the acquisition of Bryant and the development of ORobinson, the Heat can be a very good team, if Pat can work out a trade for a good starting PG.

The following article helped me to crystalize my opinion on this matter.


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The Big Four with Orlando Robinson in the mix with Jimmy B, Bam, and Damian.

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I was not pleased that Peterson was not involved by his team mates. He was open several times but got no pass. The main culprit was Dru.

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Dion Waiters and Harry Giles III plan to hold workouts for teams...


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Great game.

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That game was nothing short of awesome.

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So who needs Dame?! lol

Lets go summer leaguers, undrafteds!!

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Orlando a beast 💪

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Orlando playing great right now, that big and big duo looks good together.

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Jovic with a post move I like it.

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He grew 2 inches as well.

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Jovic looking solid

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