Heat's possible antidotes imho:

1. Force their defense to over re-act.

2. Limit the TOs.

3. Hit the Boards.

4. Lowry has to be less tentative to hit those shots.

5. What happened to Heat's pick n'roll offense in the last 2 games?

6. More player's movement off the ball from the wing player's. Offense beginning to look static and predictive.

Expect Boston applying pressure defense from Heat's half court in game 6.

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The last 2 games , Boston corrected their problems on defense and offense.

On Defense:

1.Their perimeter defense has returned to its elite status which I had alluded to in an earlier post at the beginning of the series.

2. They are mobile on defense, sticking to their guy tenaciously and switching when it is ONLY necessary.

3.They are quicker collapsing in the paint.

4. At least one guy follows up on the board when someone hits a 3, not assuming the 3 will go in. Contrary, the Heat are looking and only reacting if it does not go in.

5. With Jimmy or Bam on the ball, they are forcing them to give up the ball and anticipating an outside pass.

6. Contesting every loose ball and Heat's 3s.

7. Their transition defense is quicker, 2 guys running back simultaneously.

On Offense.

1. Moving the ball much more and trusting guys more.

2. Quicker to send a guy into the paint to break Heat's zone defense.

3. Luckily, making those open 3 pts with much ease from slower Heat's defense.

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Heat's perimeter defense was zero.

Players have preferences where on the floor they like or feel comfortable shooting from and will gravitate towards their favorite spots.

It is no secret that:

Smart hits 3s from the corners or elbows.

White hits 3s from the top or elbow.

Halford hits 3s from the corners .

Brown from the top.

Tatum from the elbow.

Why is this important? When these guys are on the floor it is predictive where the passes to the periphery is being directed to. Anticipation and awareness of where they are on the floor, helps with defending them. When they are on the move, you as a defender know their preferences, where they are inclined to run to on the floor. It is a natural tendency.

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Finally, HH is being given some consideration. He has been on the bench in this series because the Heat had won without him. I had questioned why Spo considered Zeller over HH, even though HH seemed a better fit. How, success can be an illusion and defeat can bring a change of heart.

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I stopped listening to any sports news either on radio or cable since the Heat's first loss. There seems to be some joy in Heat's loss coming from these analysts. Yesterday's, 2nd loss in Boston has completely pissed me off.

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Heat should go with best defense. Start Gabe (if healthy), Caleb, Highsmith, Butler and Bam. Each one of them should play heavy minutes (35ish). Play Lowry, Strus, Robinson, Love and Zeller limited minutes, depending on how they are doing. This is the all-in game. If it goes to Boston for Game 7, the Celtics will have all the momentum and it will be damn near impossible to win.


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Heat missed Gabe this game, Lowry was terrible. He's starting to look like its maybe time for him to hang it up.

Jimmy was also terrible this game, he was passive not looking to take shots and was hesitant in taking advantage of transition opportunities.

He allowed the Celtics to consistently set their defense.

The Celtics also took advantage of his poor spacing to make life miserable for Bam in the paint.

Its unlike Jimmy not to show up in such a critical game.

It could be a symptom of fatigue, that's why at the start of this series I thought it would be a good idea for Spo to give a few mins to Highsmith each game, not only to keep Jimmy fresh but also because he's a solid defender.

There's also the fact that he's taking and making 3s at a high percentage.

Bam also played poorly in this game, he was a turnover machine.

He was consistently doubled and triple teamed in the paint but aided the Celtic's defense by holding on to the ball too long and trying to make moves with multiple hands swiping at the ball.

Throwing the ball to Bam in the paint with Jimmy not taking and making 3s is probably not a good idea.

Bam seems to make poor decisions under duress.

The Celtics are playing Love off the floor. They are targeting him just about every time down the floor.

It's one of the main reasons why the Heat were down big after the first quarter.

And once Love took the bench and Zeller came in Zeller became the Celtic's main target.

I think Spo has a decision to make, does he start Love and risk falling behind again in game 6 or does he start Caleb or Highsmith.

Personally I think he should start Highsmith.

His defense is light years better than Love's and he's currently shooting 54.5% from 3.

They should switch as much as possible to try to contain the Celtic's 3 point shooting especially Derek White he's killing the Heat from 3, shooting 58% on over 6 threes per game.

Very few mins for Zeller and Love because the Celtics especially Tatum is making a concerted effort to attack Love, Zeller and Duncan every time down the floor.

Align Bam's mins with Tatum's as much as possible so that he doesn't have easy double teams to take advantage of in the pick n' roll.

Bam, Jimmy and Caleb are going to have to play heavy mins in game 6.

Here's hoping Gabe is good to go for this game because the Celtics have had no answers for him on offense.

He's averaging almost 18 points per game on 78% TS in this series.

Him, Caleb and Duncan have been doing a number on the Celtic's defense. They are having trouble containing those 3 players.

Can't afford another passive game from Jimmy and another turnover prone game from Bam or we will be staring at a game 7 in Boston.

Attack the glass, protect the ball and have bodies and the ball in constant motion.

The Celtic's confidence is soaring, they're taking advantage of Heat double teams by moving the ball and hitting their 3s and they're not an easy team to closeout.

This is game 7 for the Heat, they're going to have to bring their A game if they want move on to the finals.

Lets hope they bring it.

Go Heat!

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if jimmys not the best player on the ct we are not winning,if he is good chance of winning.nothing else really matters.unless duncan goes 40 10 10

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Winners Are Not Those Who Never Fail, But Those Who Never Quit

-- Edwin Louis Cole


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Doesn't change a thing. One more win. Go Heat!!!!!

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Said it before and will say it again, I have felt real sad when 2nd rated players score career high against the Heat. Hope the Heat will not be the first NBA team to loose a 3-0 lead in ECF.

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Has the Heat found its level? Shall we consider the prior victories as over performance or are these recent loses temporary setback? We shall soon find out?

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Well, we are not win another time in Boston. That leaves saturdays game to win as a last chance.

I m looking forward for this game, and I m still good with any result. Heat already beat every expectation till now.

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Whatsoever I feared, has come to light....

We need to cobble together a good game from everyone, with Caleb, HH and Vincent supporting the three veterans, Bam, Playoff Jimmy and Kyle. We also need a big game from either Strus or Duncan. And it still may not be enough. Its do or die time at Kaseya.

And whatsoever I fought off, became my life....

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I'm not a professional basketball analyst, but I think if the other team has 10 fewer turnovers, 10 more offensive rebounds, and makes 10 more free throws and 10 more three's, you are probably going to lose the game.

The good news is that Gabe sat our, Jimmy & Bam sat the fourth quarter, and the rest of the Skyforce looked good out there.I think Spo had his mind made up by halftime. Give it one more push in the 3rd quarter, then start planning for Game 6.

So it all basically comes down to this. Saturday night in Miami. I'm hoping Wade and Bosh and all the other Heat legends are at the game. PJ Brown and Chalmers and shit. Maybe the Celtics trolls come back to HHH before the game. Gabe's back. Maybe Herro gives them a couple 5-minute runs off the bench.

Game of the Year.


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