Scoot to Miami for Jovic, JJ and a first.

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Were 0-4 in the world cup

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Slovenia destroyed Aussies today and send them home. And Zoran Dragic, the Heat legend,

still warming up.

Canada and Serbia and Spain lost, US barely beat Montenegro.

This is gonna be fun.

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Rumor has it that Dame now wants to remain a Blazer. Appears Cronin has a few major moves up his sleeve that involve Scoot and Ant in separate deals, picks and others. This is about to get interesting. Heat may be left at the alter all alone.

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Maybe Oregoner can share this quote from an NBA executive with his unrealistic peers on the Blazers site (I’ve seen this on a couple of sites):

‘Recently, an anonymous NBA executive opined that there was a clear limit to how much teams were willing to give up for the aging star.’

“There’s not that many teams that are going to give you a bunch of players and picks for a 33-year-old who can’t stay healthy and has a giant contract sitting there,” said the executive, per Forbes. “It was not anything Dame said or (agent) Aaron Goodwin said that shut down the market. That stuff didn’t help. But there weren’t teams lined up for him even before that.”

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Update on our boy Jovic in fiba...hehe

17ppg, 75%fg, 67% - 3p

consolation for me coz Philippines crashed and burned huhuhu

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If the Heat keep Herro, I can see him coming into camp with a whole new attitude. If he decides to work hard on his defense (the way Booker did) he can become much more valuable and a potential all-star. He has the athleticism; he just needs the desire and commitment. Time will tell.

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Thinking outside the box.

Kyle Lowry and Duncan Robinson $47,836,540 for...

Ben Simmons and Royce O'Neil $47,397,408

Starters: Simmons, Herro, Butler, Love, Bam

Bench: Richardson, Martin, Jovic, Jaquez, Bryant, Highsmith, ORobinson, Cain, O'Neil, plus a free agent.

Have assets (players and picks) to trade for another PG.

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25 points? 9 for 9? 5 for 5 on 3s?? JUST SAY NO TO INCLUDING JOVIC (or Jaquez) IN ANY PORTLAND DEAL!!!!!

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Meanwhile, somebody is hitting the hallucinogens a little hard in Portland.

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Another try here.

Cap space Dec 15th edition

Miami gets Dame, Nurkic and Nas

Utah gets Herro

Pdx gets Lowry, Collins, JJJ, Jovic, Orlando Robinson and Cain. 3 Miami firsts, 3 pick swaps and 1 first from Utah.

And pdx gets under the tax.

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I just saw Miami Heat legend Zoran Dragic playing for Serbia

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Any possibility that Jaquez or Jovic could be groomed to be PG's or ball handling combo G's? Asking for a friend.

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Our Jovic looking good in Fiba play. Spo 2 wins and definitely going to next rd. Heat culture!

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I saw a proposal that I actually liked and thought was realistic.

Heat get Lillard.

Nets get Herro and Duncan.

Portland gets Simmons, 2 Heat first round picks and 2 Nets first round picks.

Nets want to get off Simmons contract.

The proposal included moving Simmons to center (as I’ve suggested in the past). Portland lineup would be Simmons, Grant, Sharpe, Simons, Scoot. Intriguing young group with a bevy of young players on the bench, and 4 additional firsts.

For the Heat, keeping Jovic, Jaquez, and Martin is huge, plus only giving up 2 first round picks. Then backfill with a backup pg (Dragic? Nunn?), and players like Wood or Oubre.

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Hopefully Pat Riley is thinking big and trying to get both Dame and Joel Embid down here.

Put the league on notice.

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I saw this trade scenario on youtube. Any thoughts?

Heat receives: Damian Lillard

Toronto receives: Tyler Hero

Portland receives:

Duncan Robinson, Nikola Jovic, 3 first round picks (2025, 2027, 2030) and 2 pick swaps (24 and 28) from Miami, and

Gary Trent Jr. (expiring contract), Precious Achiuwa (expiring contract), Otto Porter Jr. (Expiring contract) and 2026 first round pick from Toronto.

That leaves Miami with: Bam, Butler, Lillard, Martin, Lowry, Love, Richardson, Bryant, ORobinson, Highsmith, Cain (converted to full two-year contract), plus 3-4 veterans they can pick up for minimum (Wood, Nunn, Dragic, Oubre, Warren, Ross, etc.).

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