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Video: LeBron picks the one thing he simply can't live without

Champs Sports releases amusing video of LeBron James choosing his favorite things in life.

The holiday issue of SWAG from Champs Sports, an interactive multimedia digital magazine centered around athletes, has just been released on iTunes. Inside you'll find a treasure trove of cool pics, sexy athletes doing their thing and all the latest tech any guy will want to learn all about.

In this original clip called SWAG16, Miami Heat superstar LeBron James chooses from his favorite things in life (apart from playing basketball for the Heat) bracket-style and has to make difficult decisions over which to pick in head-to-head match-ups between them. These are a few of his favorite things (yes, that was a musical reference), but you just might learn a little more about the greatest player in the world.

Which of these favorite things will be the one indispensable part of his life? Click above and find out!