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Highlight: Mike Miller and HEAT bench approve of nifty Birdman reverse hoop

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Chris "Birdman" Andersen was a perfect 4-4 from the field during last night's Miami Heat victory over the Chicago Bulls. Here's one of them...

The Miami Heat once again have the league's longest winning streak but this time it's been the reserves that have played a bigger role in making that happen.

Thanks to Jay Ramos' post on Chris Andersen and his offensive contributions, we now know just how important Birdman has been to the team on both ends of the floor. With a perfect 4-4 on field goals and a very respectable 7-11 from the charity stripe, Birdman poured in 15 points off the bench to help the Heat take down the Chicago Bulls on Sunday night in addition to his work on the defensive end.

Here's one such play where Birdman impressed with his offense and the HEAT bench, especially Mike Miller, was most appreciative of the late season addition to the team.