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That Ray Allen Three-Pointer: Every video angle, Heat players break it down

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The Ray Allen three-pointer in Game 6 to extend the game, series and the Miami Heat's season is already one of more famous shots in franchise - and NBA Finals - history. Here's every angle of the shot along with what Heat players and coach Erik Spoelstra said about the shot seen around the world.

Ray Allen: "When I saw [Bosh] get the ball, I just backpedaled right to the 3-point line, and I was hoping I was where I needed to be. But I wasn't quite sure. But from years of shooting, I got to my spot."

"We never give up. Just being able to be in that situation, where the ball bounces in our direction."

"It's going to be the shot that I'm going to remember for a long time. There are a lot of shots I've made in my career, but this will go high up in the ranks because of the situation. That right there was luck shining on our side."

Dwyane Wade: "Well, I actually had the benefit of being underneath the rim when Ray shot it. And when he shot it, I was looking at the ball and I said, 'Oh my god, that's going in.' It was kind of like I couldn't believe it in a sense...When it went in, it's new life."

Chris Bosh: "You can't put it into words. He's the best 3-point shooter of all time. And the fact that he was open is just unbelievable. He kept our season alive."

LeBron James: "We ran a great set. I came over, got a great look. (Chris Bosh) made some unbelievable plays tonight. He got the offensive rebound. Hit Ray, and once Ray got them feet down, I seen it in the air and I was like, 'It's going in. It's got a chance. It's going in.' And he drained it. Just gave us another life."

"If it's not me taking the shot, I have no problem with Ray taking that shot. He's got ice water in his veins. Ray can be 0-for-99 in a game, and if he gets an open look late, it's going down. That's just the confidence he has in himself. It's the preparation that he prepares for every game. It's the confidence that we have in him. We seen it before. We're happy to have him on our side. And that is the reason why we wanted him in games like this."

Erik Spoelstra: "I probably shouldn't ever be surprised with Ray. We've seen it enough where he's been on the other side and created enough pain for us over the years. He's a great clutch shooter. He's proven it time and time again."

"Ray did what he's done for so many years. And we've seen it on the other side so many times."