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LeBron interviewed by Fox Sports: "I love the organization in Miami"

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LeBron James praises the organization while also talking about his charitable efforts in a new interview on Fox Sports.

LeBron James recently sat down with Bill Reiter of Fox Sports for a special video interview in which the Miami Heat superstar and MVP discussed a variety of topics.

The King discussed his special charitable work in his hometown of Akron, Ohio and picked three of the best NBA players of all time, going with Larry Bird, Julius Irving and Michael Jordan. Predictably, he was also asked about his impending free agency....

"I'm a winner, that's all that matters. I want to win. I'm in a position right now where that's all I think about. I'm very comfortable in my surroundings.

"I love my teammates. I love the organization in Miami. So that's where I am right now."

For more, check out the full interview above...

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