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LeBron James appears in Nike commercial participating in a slam dunk contest

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LeBron James makes an appearance in the latest Nike commercial in a dream scenario...

For years, basketball fans have been clamoring for LeBron James to enter the NBA Slam Dunk contest and with each year that becomes less and less a possibility.

We can only imagine what kind of dunks LeBron could have come up in the contest but with the MVP showing up in the latest and greatest Nike commercial, we get a glimpse of what might have been.

While comedian Dane Cook narrates the commercial, LeBron suddenly shows up out of nowhere to challenge a street baller to the fictional contest. Cook pauses his narrative after saying "Hold on, we've been waiting for this," in a nod to LeBron's annual absence in the contest. It's worth the wait with LeBron's huge two-handed dunk off the backboard after throwing the ball up between his legs.

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