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Battioke 2014 - Toney Douglas sings "Let's Ride" with LeBron James, James Jones dancing

Heat newcomer Toney Douglas isn't shy about picking up the mic and showing off his singing skills...

Similar to what Birdman did at last year's Battioke, freshly acquired Miami Heat guard Toney Douglas made a memorable first impression on the stage of Shane Battier's karaoke charity event.

Douglas was one of the first to get on the stage and he chose Montell Jordan's "Let's Ride" to make his mark on Battioke.

This probably wasn't his idea of making his debut to Heat fans this way (although he did get some garbage time minutes at the end of the Heat vs Thunder game later this week) but nevertheless the performance, ably assisted by backup dancers LeBron James and James Jones, has been recorded for posterity and presented right here on Hot Hot Hoops.